Thursday, March 29, 2012

Frank Zappa - Hammersmith Odeon [3CD Set] (2010) [FLAC]

Frank Zappa - Hammersmith Odeon [3CD Set] (2010) [FLAC]

Frank Zappa - Hammersmith Odeon [3CD Set] (2010) [FLAC]

HASH: 3f633ae49fae235165f268f9625c54374eea672c

*Frank Zappa - Hammersmith Odeon 3CD Set 2010 (Flac lossless).zip

+CD1/01 - Convocation , The Purple Lagoon.flac

+CD1/02 - Dancin' Fool.flac

+CD1/03 - Peaches En Regalia.flac

+CD1/04 - The Torture Never Stops.flac

+CD1/05 - Tryin' To Grow A Chin.flac

+CD1/06 - City Of Tiny Lites.flac

+CD1/07 - Baby Snakes.flac

+CD1/08 - Pound For A Brown.flac

+CD2/01 - I Have Been In You.flac

+CD2/02 - Flakes.flac

+CD2/03 - Broken Hearts Are For Assholes.flac

+CD2/04 - Punky's Whips.flac

+CD2/05 - Titties 'N Beer.flac

+CD2/06 - Audience Participation.flac

+CD2/07 - The Black Page #2.flac

+CD2/08 - Jones Crusher.flac

+CD2/09 - The Little House I Used To Live In.flac

+CD3/01 - Dong Work For Yuda.flac

+CD3/02 - Bobby Brown.flac

+CD3/03 - Envelopes.flac

+CD3/04 - Terry Firma.flac

+CD3/05 - Disco Boy.flac

+CD3/06 - King Kong.flac

+CD3/07 - Watermelon In Esater Hay (Prequel).flac

+CD3/08 - Dinah-Moe Humm.flac

+CD3/09 - Camarillo Brillo.flac

+CD3/10 - Muffin Man.flac

+CD3/11 - Black Napkins.flac

+CD3/12 - San Ber'dino.flac

+Scans covers/booklet_001.jpg

+Scans covers/booklet_002.jpg

+Scans covers/booklet_003.jpg

+Scans covers/booklet_004.jpg

+Scans covers/booklet_005.jpg

+Scans covers/booklet_006.jpg

+Scans covers/box_001.jpg

+Scans covers/box_002.jpg

+Scans covers/case_001.jpg

+Scans covers/case_002.jpg

+Scans covers/cd_001.jpg

+Scans covers/cd_002.jpg

+Scans covers/cd_003.jpg

+Scans covers/digi_001.jpg

+Scans covers/digi_002.jpg

+Scans covers/digi_003.jpg

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